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Bentleigh Greens Soccer Club Women coaching operations structure is designed to fulfil the clubs philosophy of the holistic development of players, retention of players in the game (and at the club) and to provide opportunities for all players to optimise their development in the following attributes; ball technique and skills; game specific fitness, health and wellbeing. The club’s mission is delivered through two equally important programs:

  1. The Senior Program (Performance) is the flagship program of the club in all aspects of coaching, playing and behaviour. Includes the Senior and U20s teams.

  2. The Junior Program (Development) is focused on personalising and optimising player development.

The coaching operations structure is a distributed leadership model and not only acknowledges the importance of each program but recognises the different needs and skills sets of the coaching staff. The specialist stream supports both senior and junior programs.

The two programs operate through a balance of independence and interaction to achieve continuity and consistency for players, coaches and families across the club. The football operations group is the overarching governing body for both programs and specialists stream.

The coaching operational structure demonstrates the optimal configuration for the future growth of the club and will be implemented with flexibility to account for any budget considerations.

BGSC NPLW Coaching Structure 2024.png

Terms of Reference

1. Technical Director - Development Program

  • Technical Director – minimum B licence with significant experience coaching and mentoring coaches

  • Embrace, endorse and implement the club's philosophy related to development, playing, training and code of behaviour.

2. Senior Program (Performance)
  • Senior Head Coach - A or B licence with significant experience coaching females at a senior level

  • Embrace, endorse and implement the club’s philosophy related to playing, training and code of behaviour

  • Senior Head Coach - coach of the senior team and leader of the senior program (u/20’s coach and assistant coaches)

  • U/20’s coach C licence minimum

  • Senior and U/20 players encouraged to develop coaching experience and contribute to the junior program

  • Assistant coaches – eligible to be a specialist coach


3. Junior Program (Development)
  • Embrace, endorse and implement the club’s philosophy related to development, playing, training and code of behaviour. 

  • Junior coaches – minimum C licence

  • Embrace the incorporation of Senior and U20 players into the coaching structure


4. Specialists coaches
  • Leader of the specialist’s coaches selected from: a specialist coach, TD Juniors or one of the senior program assistant coaches

  • Specialist coaches where appropriate selected from; TD Juniors, a senior program assistant coach or a sole specialist

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