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Bayside United Adverse Weather Policy

  • Moderate ultraviolet radiation (UV) exposure is important for health.

  • Too little UV from the sun can lead to low vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and muscles and for general health.

  • Too much of the sun’s UV can cause sunburn, skin and eye damage and skin cancer. Sun exposure in the first 10 years of life is a major factor in determining future skin cancer risk.

  • To ensure all players and staff have some UV exposure for vitamin D. Understanding that by the time the children arrive to soccer, they may have very well already received enough exposure through the club day.

  • To encourage the club community to use a combination of sun protection measures whenever UV Index levels reach 3 and above.

  • To educate our club community to be responsible for their own sun protection.

  • Work towards a safe club environment that makes every reasonable effort, working with council, to provide shade for players, coaches and the club community at appropriate times.


The club uses a combination of sun protection measures for all outdoor activities, more specifically where Football is taking place between September and April of the year, whenever UV levels reach 3 and above.


Players will be required to wear approved club uniform, which will include shirts, shorts, socks and boots.

  • Hats can be worn whenever players are outside if this is preferable to the player whilst training. Should hats want to be worn in a match environment this would need to be discussed with the club committee.

  • Coaches should wear a hat at training and matches and will be provided with a club hat or they may also wear a personal wide brimmed hat.

  • Work with the parent community to encourage the use of SPF 30+ broad spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen for student use from April to August and SPF 50+ between September and April.

The provision and application of the sunscreen is the responsibility of parents and the player.

  • Encourage the daily application of SPF 30+ broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen before club training. Where the playing community is outdoors for 2 hours or more, it is recommended that the sun screen to be re-applied every 2 hours.

  • Encourage children to use available areas of shade when appropriate for outdoor activities.

  • Request coaches and parents to act as role models by practising SunSmart behaviours.

  • Players must have a water bottle at club events to rehydrate. Coaches and parents are encouraged to assist the club community to ensure there is excellent hydration practices.

Club Culture:
  • Incorporate SunSmart behaviour into the club culture.

  • Regularly reinforce SunSmart behaviour in a positive way through newsletters, parent meetings, player and coach activities.

  • Ensure the SunSmart policy is reflected in all planning of the club to include any team camps off club grounds.


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