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Why Have a Club Philosophy?

A club philosophy is important as it guides how a club operates and embeds the club’s beliefs and values across all practices.  A philosophy builds strength from within and provides continuity and consistency across all age groups for players, families, coaches and officials.  A philosophy ensures that consistency of practice is maintained through changes in leadership and management of the club (such as Governing Board and Technical Director).  In its simplest form a philosophy can be defined as:

  • A philosophy– beliefs, evidence and values and the research and foundational theories that form the basis for practice (eg coaching) – “The HOW we coach”

A philosophy a coaching curriculum provided by a football federation; this is we coached rather than we coach. The philosophy of how we coach and practice as a club provides the basis of what happens. Our own philosophy reflects the uniqueness of BUFC and what we hold as most important for our players and club. Embedded in the philosophy of coaching for the club is the mission, vision, values and style or system of play.  These categories are embraced as the whole philosophy not as independent parts.


Mission Statement

Bayside United is committed to providing talented female players in the region with a high-quality development program that will give them the best opportunity to reach their individual goals. Those goals may include SSV or state age group team selection, Young Matildas representation, international college scholarships or A-League Women selection.


Vision Statement

BUFC aspires to be:

  • Considered the benchmark club for providing evidence-based practice through a philosophy that informs all aspects of coaching, communication and operations of the club

  • A club that provides continuity and consistency in all aspects of coaching and communications to players and parents

  • Recognized as a leading club delivering personalised development of each player

  • The club of choice for players in the greater Bayside region.


BUFC is a football club committed to

  • The holistic development of all players through social, emotional, physical, and communication domains

  • Developing each player's learning and development of their individual football technique and their skill to play the game

  • High quality evidence based coaching and personal development

  • Providing the best opportunities for each player to reach their full potential in football

  • Preparing players according to stage of development and maturation, and works on a platform that advances each player to the next stage when developmentally appropriate

How we demonstrate our values

In practice these values are demonstrated by the behaviours, actions and decisions (practical application) made by the club and are used to measure our performance and ensure we reflect our values.  Examples of the practical application of the clubs values are listed in the table below.  These values and actions are embraced and demonstrated by all members of BUFC: administrators, coaches, players, families, and sponsors.

BUFC’s values and examples of the practical application of these values that will be embraced and demonstrated by all members of the club

Emotional Development
  • Self-regulation

  • Resilience

  • Integrity

  • Honesty

  • Mental well being

  • Self-review

  • Intrinsic motivation

  • Self-concept


Social Development
  • Fair play, follow the rules

  • Respect of others

  • Empathy

  • Social responsibility


Communication Development
  • Reflection

  • Empathy

  • Assertion not aggression

  • Emotional intelligence


Physical Development

Physical development program based on evidence, stage of maturation and baseline attributes

  • Strength

  • Speed

  • Agility / foot speed

  • Flexibility

  • Aerobic capacity

  • Anaerobic capacity

  • Drugs and ergogenic aids

  • Game preparation and recovery


Personalised Technique Development
  • Striking (bilateral/side of the foot/Instep/heading)

  • Ball pathways (drive/loft/curling/chip/dipping/volley)

  • Control, touch

  • Accuracy, pace and timing


Skill Development
  • Vision

  • Positional play

  • Systems application

  • Decision making

A philosophy builds strength from within and provides continuity and consistency across all age groups for players, families, coaches and officials. BUFC’s philosophy informs practice across all domains and allows sequential development for each individual as they mature as players. As shown in the illustration below the continuity and consistency of practice across all age groups facilitates cumulative growth in all domains as the player matures – each new season our players have the opportunity to build on the platform of development achieved in their previous years at BUFC.

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